Rewards Program – Tara Ley

Welcome to Tara Ley's Reward Program

Here at Tara Ley, we love to reward our customers for assisting in our growth. It is very important to us that we give back to the community because we love everything skulls, and want to provide quality items to people across the World for you to love!
The rewards system is applied based off your account with Tara Ley. Simply create an account HERE to make an account then open the "Rewards Program" launcher on your mobile or desktop. In there it will contain the rewards you have earned and the options to earn more points to save you more money!

Our rewards system is very simple that is what makes it so good for you! This is the structure to redeem points:
  • Accumulate 75 points for $5 OFF
  • Accumulate 150 points for $10 OFF
  • Accumulate 350 points for $25 OFF
As a part of this commitment, the rewards program has been introduced. The rewards program consists of:
  • Earning 1 point for every dollar spent
  • Signing up to receive points (50 points)
  • Submitting a photo review of your purchase (100 points)
  • Like us on Facebook (25 points)
  • Follow us on Instagram (25 points)
  • Share on Twitter (25 points)
  • Share on Facebook (25 points)
  • Celebrate a Birthday (100 points)

This helps you earn while you are helping our business so it is a win-win for everyone! 

We also have a referrals program too to help you save even more money! If you refer a friend and they purchase with you, you automatically get a $10 DISCOUNT for helping to refer your friend.  Your friend also gets a 20% DISCOUNT on their first purchase!