FAQ – Tara Ley

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Where do the products shipped from?

We ship most of our products from our warehouse in Colorado.  Since many of our products are in limited quantities (to keep the uniqueness for our customers), there will be times when we have to ship your orders from our overseas warehouses from Asia or the UK.

2.  How often do the Collections change?

We change our collections very frequently to keep things fresh and edgy.  Our products are very popular so they are sold out very quickly.  

3.  Will all the items I ordered be shipped together?

If all the items are in stocks, we will ship them together.  Since our items come from different specialty warehouses, they might come in separate times - based on the Tracking Numbers.

4.  Is Taraley a USA company?

Yes, we are based out of the beautiful Rocky Mountain region!

5.  What is your return policy?

We want our customers to love the products so, if for any reason, you don't like the products, please send us an email to support@taraley.com and we will provide instruction on how to send the products back to us.  Once we inspect the returned item, we will process the refund (which can take up to one week upon receiving the items and have our quality team inspects the item and approve for refund).  The refund amount will be what you paid for the items MINUS the cost of shipping.  Please review our RETURN/REFUND/EXCHANGE POLICY Page for more information.

6.  Do you provide FREE exchange?

We would love to exchange the items for you due to sizing issues, however, since we carry limited stock and they are sold out very quickly (within days), we might not be able to offer any exchange to you so you will need to return the items for refund.

7.   How come you have "pre-order"?  What does that mean?

Many of our regular customers are informed as to when the next hot styles we will be bringing in and they want to make sure to "reserve" the product; we will put up on our store for "Pre-order" meaning, the products are planned on being in our warehouse in the future dates but our customers can purchase them ahead of time due to the limited quantities of the collections.